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Brown n Conny


Eps 1. Brown n Conny part away


Cloudy and breeze, that place which around by mountains. The blue clear sky seldom you find, maybe because the weather in rainy seasons.

The brown was missing the cony a lot. His face want to cry but, he keep it. Because he know that cony won’t let him or see him crying. Then, Brown reset his feeling for once again. I know, I can face this and through this challenges once again. He’s wishing for goodness for everyone especially for his loved one.



Eps 2. Browny goes to ITB Campus

This is the first time for brownie go out side alone without guided from his friend. He took ELTP test, don’t know where street he got wrong 5 times in the same places.

But, I am happy finally I found the place. I just realize that not all we dreams can be come true. I feels sad, why so hard to fulfill that requirements. I think I enough study, but the result as not as I wanted.


Eps 3. Browny go to Hospital

Try to find the healthy letter, but that also not easy to take. I am down to earth, feels like there is no thing I can do. Should I give up for my dreams to continue study aboard ? Is it the right time to give up ? I feels like 0% possibility that I have to go study over sea.

I know, Allah Maha Mengetahui no one blame it. Allah juga gak janji kalau kita mengikuti semua perintahnya maka semua keinginan kita terkabul. Tapi, 1 yang pasti, Allah menjanjikan Surga dan pertemuan dengan-Nya kelak. Rasulullah yang di soleh pun masih mendapat ujian, apalagi kita yang penuh dengan salah dan lupa. Tak pantas rasanya mengeluh, tp itulah sifat manusia yang suka mengeluh.

Semoga Allah segera membukakan pintu kebaikannya untuk ku, agar sesegera mungkin aku kembali dari rasa putus asa dan mengeluh ini.