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Cleanse & Detox Programmes

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Far Infrared waves are invisible light rays emitted by the sun. This treatment is different from conventional saunas. It uses FIR light to heat up the body directly without greatly increasing the temperature of the environment. Far infrared waves penetrate skin cells to raise body temperature gently and remove toxins through perspiration. It enables the body to perspire at lower temperatures. This process is practiced internationally to improve blood circulation.

What It Can Do For You

  • Improves circulation and cell health.
  • Enhances cell oxygenation.
  • Relieves pain and muscle tightness.
  • Stabilises blood pressure.
  • Aids in detoxification and weight loss.
  • Reduces exercise recovery period.
  • Reduces symptoms of heart disease, ageing, asthma, fibromyalgia and arthritis

Who Should Use It

  • Individuals who cannot tolerate the excessive heat of regular saunas.
  • Those who wish to cleanse the body and burn calories.
  • Those who wish to relieve pain and muscle soreness.
  • Those who wish to remove chemicals and toxins from the body and improve blood circulation.
  • Those who have a poor lipid profile

Colonic Hydrotherapy

This treatment is a common practice carried out by health practitioners to alleviate gastrointestinal symptoms. It involves removing unwanted materials through the bowel by applying warm filtered water into the colon. The water temperature and pressure can be regulated at a desired and acceptable range. Before the session ends, the therapist introduces ozone gas into the colon to maintain colon health. Colonic hydrotherapy is hygienic and odourless; the tubes are disposed after each treatment.

What It Can Do For You

  • Reduces constipation.
  • Cleanses and disinfects the colon by removing harmful bacteria, candida, yeast and mucus.
  • Promotes the growth of healthy gut bacteria.
  • Soothes bowel inflammation caused by infection.
  • Improves the condition known as irritable bowel syndrome.
  • Regulates bowel function.
  • Enhances nutrient absorption.

Who Should Use It

  • Individuals who suffer constipation & bowel discomfort.
  • Those who wish to remove chemicals and toxins in colon
  • Those who experience indigestion and frequent diarrhoea.
  • Those who regularly consume processed food, or foods that have high fat and cholesterol contents.
  • Those who have a low intake of fruits and vegetables.