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 Final Project e-Consultation

The purpose of this system is to help student complete their final project by reducing time and cost needed to conduct final project. This is will be great features for student who toke employee class. The Final Project e-Consultation project is a web-based system that plans to computerize the current manual process of conducting the final project consultation in the form of an online consultation system. Developing online consultation system for final project is a solution for students and supervisors to conduct consultation effectively and efficiently. By putting the consultation forms and other system features on the server, students will be assisted in completing their final projects and help the supervisor to monitor his students’ final projects. The students and supervisors can access the system wherever and whenever they need.

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“Smart Muslimah in Modern Lifestyle”

Smart muslimah system is web-based system where contain all about women. We can be modern and stylish but don’t forget the true roles. There are a lot of things we have to learn as good muslimah, because from you everything can change. Women who we known has some title in her life, as daughter,   wife and mother. All of them hold a lot of worries and responsibility for her parents, husband. So, if you want to change countries, you have to look to the countries’s women. The system’s features Chatting room, Video Conference, and e-library. The system also provide the form for daily, monthly and yearly activities, and has reminder or notification of it. There is students and teacher to follow up and monitor the activities.

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