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Heart String



Hi.. this will be my secret heart string, some of my heart and mind said to me.

My strory, October 8 2016 – Bandung

I have been read a magazine which content about How To Build Your Own Business in Young age. I inspired by that article which say that we need to start as soon as possible, then we have to maintain it step by step until the business can sustainable. This is what I think “I always want to start my own business, but everything just gone after I compare myself to other and also negative thinking before start it like this is will not working.” I die before war with the reality. How could I die before trying ? No one know about future, what we have to do as human just try and try and try make sure you are good enough in whatever you want. Doesn’t it ?

Start from now, grow up together and develop it and finally we will take the result. Hopefully will be happy ending ^.^

– – – – – – – – –

It’s my turn to go to my reality. Life is not dreams anymore. When you have parents as your pamper. And now, time to me to stand by myself. As a part of society not as a children anymore, when everything still organize by parents.

– – — – – – – – –

Aku tak perlu menjadi lebih baik dari orang lain. Yang kubutuhkan hanyalah menjadi lebih baik dari diriku sebelumnya. Dan kemudian, aku akan merasa lebih baik.

– – – – – – – – –

Tak perlu show off pada orang lain. Yang menyukaimu akan tetap sukda dan yang membenci akan tetap membenci. Tak perlu penjelasan bagi keduanya.