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The concept

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Dcandley’s Concept


4Dcandley took name based on the owner name. Dian means Candle who trying to light up your day with cheerish and billion of smile. As we know together, being a woman is many things we care about and also include with the woman responsibility.

I believe that all woman in the worlds want to show up their best both their inner or outer beauty. Woman who can be cute little girls, elegant young woman, kindness wife and wonderful mother.

And to be all those kind of woman we have to be smart and cute girls, not when we are in that stage, but from the first we have to prepared to be all of them.

So, girls let’s prepare to be good in all aspect of you..
We will nicely to share with you!
Tailor you own dress suite your personality with us. We will happily to help you to give your best to the worlds.

Find out our updated blog, you’ll find so many valuable information all about my dreams, my passion, my love and my journey..